Birth of VMS... Circa 1995...

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Staffing History continued...

Unhappy with the staffing industry (VOP) solution and without the internal resources to manage spend, AT&T spinoff Lucent Technologies selected Volt Services Group to manage their $1 billion in global contractor spend. Volt offered "A Procurement Solution," that included 50+ buyers on-site at Lucent (VMS software had not been developed yet). The buyers were responsible for processing all payments and billing from the global vendors who supplied contractors in addition to negotiating bill rates on Lucent's behalf. Contractor spend was significantly reduced and Volt was paid a transaction fee on total billing in addition to a percentage of negotiated savings. The program was an incredible success and brought Lucent over $100 million in savings. Volt went on to build a world class VMS platform with spin off company "ProcureStaff" and other firms, such as Computer Horizons created Chimes, MSXI and GRI introduced the solution to the auto industry.


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