Staffing in the 1970s and 1980s... Job Shopping

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History of staffing... Back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s companies supplying technical staff in the staffing business were called “job shops” and the people they employed were called “jobbers” or “job shoppers”. Compared to today, the staffing industry was much smaller and more specialized. At that time, most “jobbers” were designers, drafters, technicians and engineers; with a focus in the aerospace; chemical; electronics; nuclear; petrochemical; pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.


Large, mission critical special projects, primarily in the aerospace and defense industries required thousands of technical individuals at one time to work on projects such as the design of the Apollo Lunar Module with nearly 3,000 engineers. The 70’s and 80’s also produced other massive projects including the introduction in 1970 by PAN AM of the Boeing 747; the emergence of the Hubble Space Telescope; and the Duke Power Project. After the projects were completed, the need for these skilled engineering workers would go away and they would be forced to start looking for the next project…or…to start “shopping” for another job; thus the name job-shoppers.


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